Education & Welfare


The quality and progress of any society depends very much on education. Keeping this in mind, IMS Ranchi Region has given it much importance in our ministry. We try to give the children full realization of their potential: to develop creative thinking and imagination, to serve social needs, to contribute to the economy, to create an effective work force, to prepare students for a job or career, and to promote a social or political system. The main purpose of education is to provide the fullest possible development of every child to live morally, creatively, and productively. Our purpose has always been to give the poor and under-privileged strata of children the things they need to develop in an orderly, sequential way into members of society. Any education is, in its forms and methods, an outgrowth of the needs of the society in which it exists. Thus, our missionaries try to create a healthy and well-developed society, in which educated and resourceful individuals are the core.


St. Mary's School, Sisai
St. Mary's School, Rahargora
St. George's Residential School, Amravati
St. George Mission Center, Amravati

Sisai School
Sisai School


Established in 2004 in the Diocese of Gumla, St. Mary's School provides education for kindergarten through 10th grade.


St. Mary's School in Rahargora was established in 2006 and provides classes for kindergarten through 10th grade.

St. Mary's - Rahargora
St. Mary's - Rahargora

Social Welfare

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Little Angels
Little Angels with Fr. Sumit Francis and Cook
Little Angels with Fr. Sumit Francis and Cook

Little Angels Orphanage, Sisai

In 2014, we started Little Angels’ Orphanage to take care of orphan children who lost their parents due to sickness, poverty, violence or other atrocities by state or other people. We provide them a home, food, clothes, medicine, education and all other expenses. The orphanage is on the campus of St. Mary’s School in Sisai where the orphans attend school. They are given proper tuition and studies to keep up with other students in the school. They attend daily Mass and prayer.

The orphanage is looked after by a priest, a warden and a house keeper who takes care of the house. Through this ministry we allow the children to grow into successful and productive citizens. The orphanage is a response to our faith – to care for the orphans, widows and the homeless as Jesus has commanded us. These children will complete their education and be self-sufficient when they leave. Thus, we are building the future of these children.

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Hostel / Residence for Poor Children

At St. Paul Mission Center in Sidrol we have a hostel for poor children. They live in the hostel and benefactors and well-wishers contribute a small amount for their sponsorship. The children go to daily Mass, pray, and learn regular catechism. They attend Christ the King School which is governed by St. Anne Sisters. After graduation from high school, they attend college. Thus, we help these children complete their education and build up the future.

Hostel in Sidrol
Hostel in Sidrol
Poor child
Poor Child


Funds are also provided for poor children with no means of funds for sustenance and/or education, technical and vocational education for youth, and those self-employed in setting up new businesses.

Divine Light Youth Prayer

In an effort to bring the light of life to the people, especially the youth, of Chotanagpur (Jharkhand and some parts of Odisha, Chatishgarh); the IMS – Ranchi Region started a mission for faith formation for the youth in these areas. Most of the people are tribal, and their culture and language are very unique and beautiful. They are very humble and simple, faithful to God, sincere and hard working. But today we see many who are broken, helpless, discouraged, away from God and not going to Church due to modernization, fashion, poverty and so on. Therefore, their faith in Jesus is slowly declining and most of them have stopped going to church and left the practices of Christianity.

The motto of the Divine Light Youth Prayer is to reform the faith and attitude of our youth in Chotanagpur so they may really know the Lord and serve His Church and people at large. No one should perish but have life in Jesus Christ.

The Divine Light Youth Prayer was started on September 27, 2015 by Fr. Ritesh, IMS who initiated the program with the support of IMS community members Rev. Fr. Alok Nag, Regional Superior; Rev. Fr. Vimal, Regional Treasurer; Rev. Fr. Jeewan Prakash, Minister; and Rev. Fr. Akash, Charismatic preacher. The three-hour program begins at 2:00 pm every 4th Saturday of the month, followed by adoration at 5:00pm. Similar programs are organized in surrounding areas.

The Divine Light Youth Prayer conducts many spiritual activities such as reciting the rosary, Praise and Worship, proclamation of the Word of God, confession, counseling, devotional action song and dance, visiting the spiritual centers, etc. It also conducts some motivational programs such as formulating steps for reaching goals, emotional maturity such as self awareness, sense of responsibility, self integration, openness to others, and teaching music.

The number of youth in attendance at these events is increasing. Hundreds of youth come for the prayer service. Some of the youth have shared that this program has helped them find meaning in their lives. They experience the love of Christ and start attending Church. Some of them are doing well in their studies and other works. Slowly they become humble and sincere. Many have received physical and emotional healing.

The core committee of the Divine Light Youth Prayer has 35 members who actively participate in and volunteer for the programs. After each program, we provide tea and snacks to all participants. Sometimes we call a resource person from outside who shares their valuable wisdom with the youth. We also present devotional music programs and produce devotional audio CDs in which we share the Gospel message through singing and music. In future we are planning to buy musical instruments and build a recording studio where we will be able to produce many audio CDs and DVDs as well as preach Christ more effectively.

Children's Program, St. Mary's School
Children's Program, St. Mary's School